From the CEO’s desk

From the CEO’s desk

“Amat victoria curam”

Victory loves preparation.

Words that are the engine of our philosophy at Kichose Group.

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. This has brought to bear many challenges. A lot of these have to do with our ability to keep up with the change. Kichose Group exists to stand in the gap, helping its customers to adapt. We do this not only by understanding their needs, but also by anticipating them and ultimately helping them prepare. We have built a diversified group that understands that sustainable mutual benefit can only be the result of an unwavering commitment to preparation.

The pace of global development has therefore created opportunities for us in various sectors. We are in the ICT, Professional Services, Media Production and Entertainment, Mining, Agriculture, Wellness and Beauty, Real Estate, Hospitality and Motor Retail industries. However, a common thread that weaves through all our divisions is how we conduct our business. We believe that Kichose Group is part of an ecosystem of stakeholders consisting of our organization, our partners, our employees and our shareholders, in which mutually beneficial value is generated.

On behalf of the group I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our website to discover a little bit more about us. We invite you to join our ecosystem of value and let us help you get the value you deserve as you prepare for the future.

Pardon Mabunda

Founder and CE0 - Kichose Group of Companies


Uni Park Building
Nobel Street,
Bloemfontein 9301,
South Africa

Cape Town

1st Floor, Block B, North Park,
Black River Park,
2 Fir Street, Observatory,
Cape Town 792.
South Africa


11 Walnut Road,
Durban 4001
South Africa


Corner of Ferreira St & Van Der Merwe St,
South Africa


58-60 Landros Mare Street,
Thabakgolo Building, 3rd Floor,
Limpopo Province,
Polokwane, 0700,
South Africa

Port Elizabeth

First Bowring House,
Fairview Office Park,
Ring Road Greenacres,
Port Elizabeth 6045,
South Africa

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