Our History

Our History

Kichose comes out of an indomitable spirit of determination.

Our Founder and CEO, Pardon Mabunda recounts the time he spent working for the very successful construction and property development family business alongside his father, Wonderful Mabunda. However, he chose not to ride on his father’s success and rest in the prospect of one day taking the reigns over from his father. Instead he felt he had a greater contribution to make in the world. He was determined to build a company in his own right that would not only create wealth but make a positive impact in society.

With nothing more than these ideals and his computer technical skills he set out at the tender age of 24, to start his own company. Initially going from door to door offering his services and repairing his customers’ computers. It was not easy. There were days when there wouldn’t be “takers” and times when work was done but was not paid for.  

It wasn’t until he learnt that, it was not his perception but his customers’ perception of value, which mattered, that his fortunes turned. Something that continues to drive how he conducts his business today. He repackaged his offering accordingly and the rest as they say is now history.

First strategic partnership established with Zuri Foundation to connect the unconnected.


Hi-tech and telecommunications subsidiary established.


Automotive Division launches.


Divisions conceptualized after decision to diversify is taken.


Technology subsidiaries established.

2012 - 2015

Opening of the Printing Shop


Opening of computer repairs and cartrige store.


Kichose Technology Launches



Uni Park Building
Nobel Street,
Bloemfontein 9301,
South Africa

Cape Town

1st Floor, Block B, North Park,
Black River Park,
2 Fir Street, Observatory,
Cape Town 792.
South Africa


11 Walnut Road,
Durban 4001
South Africa


Corner of Ferreira St & Van Der Merwe St,
South Africa


58-60 Landros Mare Street,
Thabakgolo Building, 3rd Floor,
Limpopo Province,
Polokwane, 0700,
South Africa

Port Elizabeth

First Bowring House,
Fairview Office Park,
Ring Road Greenacres,
Port Elizabeth 6045,
South Africa

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